Wednesday, June 6, 2012

wow, I'm a terrible blogger.

My life is so different since my last post. Things are looking up! I'm going to make this simple and in point form because it's easier that way ;)

Since January 24th, 2012 here's my life:

#1- I quit the sign shop - it was a good decision...I was hired a year ago as a designer, and that was just super awesome! But as the summer progressed I didn't get to design as much and was the one putting signs together and all that fun stuff. It's only seasonal too so work ended in October and doesn't start up (still only being part time) until June. My boss was very understanding and encouraged me to move on. =)
#2- I GOT A NEW JOB! This is why I quit the sign shop ;)  I am officially the Sales & Marketing Coordinator at the Best Western Bridgewater Hotel! I'm in charge of the social media, designing, as well as booking meeting rooms and increasing sales. I get to get out of shift work and do Monday-Friday 8:00am-4:00pm! Any job I've ever had was shift work/part time. I'm so happy!!!
#3- I'm still engaged! =P  we have been making some wedding plans and hopefully August 2013 is the year!
#4- The logo I designed for the restaurant is up and displayed with a lovely landscaped sign! Check out my website to see the logo. It's called 27 South Restaurant & Lounge!
#5- I've lost 14 pounds! This is a huge deal for me as I love food! I use myfitnesspal to record what I eat daily. I don't need to diet, I can eat whatever I want! It just allows my to eat in moderation, as before I'd stuff my face then regret it later ;)
#6- I still drive the apple green booger mobile! I love my little car! It got my through the winter, and now I got my 16s on and I'm sporting the summer look with the sunroof open! =P It's a wonderful little car on gas, and I can take multiple trips into Halifax no problemo at all. I have to drive 40 minutes a day at least five days a week for work and I only need to get gas once. AWESOME.

so that's basically it..I haven't been able to sit down and design anything for myself in so long..I really miss it. I STILL have no Internet at my house, and I'm so frustrated. Hard to believe no Internet is actually an option in today's world.. I did however get to do some caricatures of my parents, so that's always a plus ;) Well, I guess that's it for now..hopefully I'll get to blog more then once every 6 months..

<3 ta ta for now.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Oopsie, forgot I had a blog.

OOPS. I forgot I had a blog. Well actually I didn't, I just STILL don't have internet at my house. I live in the sticks, big time. The sad thing is my parents live across the road and they have internet! SO, here I am bumming theirs...still. 

Here is my life since my last blog post:

#1- I quit the Superstore!
#2- I got a design job at a sign shop!
#3- I work at the Best Western Bridgewater Plus Hotel & Convention Centre as a Front Desk Agent. 
#4- I'M ENGAGED!!!!!
#5- I bought a 2011 Hyundai Accent in Apple Green. (AKA my favorite colour)
#6- We have a pet budgie. Her name is Wallis, AKA Wallie. Now we have a bird, a hamster, and a bunny!
#7- I won a 47" LG flat screen television. FTW
#8- I became addicted to Rage Comics
#9- I miss Halifax a lot, but I love the country.. dilemma! 
#10- I have an iPhone now. yeepp, and I love it!
#11- I designed a logo for the restaurant in the hotel I work at AND its being used!!

I know more has happened, but I can't think right now!! Either way, it's a blog entry and I get to be on the world wide web again! <3 


Saturday, May 7, 2011

My life since graduating.

OK. This is going to be a long entry. Brace yourself as I feel like I need to rant and tell you everything!

I graduated th end of March from the Centre for Arts and Technology. I am now a graphic designer!!! I love my career, and I'm not losing hope on finding the perfect job! Amongst all this other busyness you're about to read about, I've been job searching. Wish me luck!

So when I moved home my family, my boyfriends family, and some friends all helped to get our (Ryan and I moved in together) house livable. The house is over 100 years old and there was work to be done! We ripped out carpets, old cushion floor, toilets and other random stuff. It was fun but it was hard work. Ryan and I went shopping for all the stuff we didn't own. It's so expensive and so fun and so depressing all at the same time. The Dollarstore is a life saver! I love our house! It's so us! It even has an island that my papa built for me nanny and flower gardens as of the other day! Come visit (if we know you). 

We no longer got moved in...without all the boxes even unpacked, and it was my 20th birthday! I was excited, but not overly excited this year. Not sure whyyy, maybe I felt old? mom was throwing a Tupperware party (yes it still exists) the day before my birthday! I went up thinking I'd be leafing through the sale flyer. No wonder I felt old...I was a 19 year old buying Tupperware. But when I get there I found out the party was for me! I got all the free host gifts and a bunch of other goodies! It was a great time and there was lots of good food! =) Thanks again mom, meant so much! <3

The week after Ryan and I purchased our daughter, Olive. She's a rabbit! She is so awesome. Did you know rabbits are a handful? YEAH. They are. She chews floors, furniture, rugs...basically everything she can chomp on. But when you go to scold her, you can't. She's TOO cute! She's getting better as she gets bigger. She's more use to us and she can't climb in behind the fridge =\ She loves carrots (obviously) and strawberries and apple tree limbs and much more. We didn't have her long and she started sneezing. Apparently rabbits can get allergies like humans, to dust and perfume and other typical stuff. Turns out she had a respiratory infection. We were so upset. Her nose was running and she wasn't happy little bunny anymore =( We took her to the vet, and she's soon done her medicine! She seems better so hopefully she's ok. Regardless, we are tickled with her and we still have her and our son Gus the hamster. I hope when we have real kids down the road they're not this hairy. 

The week after I was preparing to go back to work. As in work I mean Superstore. I was not happy. Being a cashier isn't terrible there, because at least I have a job. But it's getting to be a bit much. Almost 5 years. They know down to work there I know that I want to find something else. In the mean time, I'll continue ringing in groceries up to my eyeballs. But back to the main meaning of this story. I needed a car. I am a 20 year old and I don't want to rely on my parents to drive me to work anymore. So Dad and I sneak over to a used car dealership to take a look at a little Chev Aveo that was there. It was bright yellow, had a sunroof and power everything. It was cute, but it wasn't the one. But I test drove it, and had the "OMG this is perfect!" feeling. Then the next day my mom and I went down. There were some physical bumps and some transmission issues that would be coming up soon due to the amount of kilometers on it. ANYWAYS, we go for another test drive and then talk to the salesman about the numbers. We told him like 100 times it wasn't set in stone as we had a bank appointment the next day to discuss numbers. They wanted WAY too much for it and wouldn't take any money off the total. He wouldn't even throw anything in. Anyways, he told me someone else was looking at the car, but if I wanted to hold it I could put $500 on it and hold it. He said if I didn't want it I got my money back. So I put the money on it to hold it so while I made up my mind it didn't get taken. Before mom and I left that day they slapped a SOLD sign on the car! A little cocky I thought..but whatever. So the next morning we talked to the bank, and they couldn't do much. But mom seen an ad for brand new 2011 Hyundai Accents on for super cheap. So we stop in there. My cousin works there! I love her <3. I was use to driving Ryans car he bought last year, so when I test drove it I fell in love! We talked over some numbers, and a brand new car in LIME GREEN (my favorite colour of all time) had cheaper payments and warranty up the ying yang. So we go to tell the used car lot I didn't want the car, and he wasn't going to give me my $500 back! This was apparently because "they went through all the trouble of preparing it for me." ...which consisted of washing it, waxing it, and they painted the windshield wipers so you couldn't see the rust =\ Well after my amazing mother got done with them, I got my money! I'M PRETTY SURE IT WAS ILLEGAL! They said they'd give me my money back towards another car in their lot, holding me there to buy another. Like hell I'd want to go back! Ugh, twas a very stressful day! But, needless to say I'm the proud owner of the ONLY 2011 Hyundai Accent Sport Hatchback in Apple Green in Atlantic Canada right now! EEEEEE!  I love the freedom and love my car! It even has a sunroof! Peace out yellow Aveo. 

Ryan and I also attended our first Legion Dance! It was a live band, Short Notice. They were great! I got to chill with my parents and grandparents and dance all night! It was the Firemans Dance. It honors all the volunteer fireman around surrounding communities! My Dad is one of them <3. Very proud and very weird to be toasting my dad at a dance. Well, I didn't mind, but Dad said it was weird alot. hahahaha

Anywaysss, I'll add pictures later on down the road. I will add to this I'm sure as I think of more eventful goodness. Plus, I'm bumming my mother-in-law to be's internet. I can't wait to get internet at our house! AAAHH. I'm very tired right now as I walked 30km today to raise money for my church. I NEED A MASSAGE. For those of you who read all this, you are cool! =)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Almost Done!

Today is my second last day of school! We had pizza, cupcakes, and candy! I still ended up doing last minute work, but all in all things are slowing down. I'm not as stressed as I thought I'd be, YET. I still have to make my print portfolio and put a contact form into my website. I need help with the contact form though, so that will have to wait till Tuesday. I am just about done my interactive portfolio as well. Just a few pieces have to be added! 
I'm also working on another gradient mesh. I am not saying what it is yet, but I'm liking it so far!

Well that's all I have for now. Class is just about over for today, then I'm going shopping for nice clothes to wear to my job I eventually get (keeping positive mind)! Take care.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I've neglected my blog! I've been so busy making my website and then fixing it a gazillion times (because it doesn't work in Safari!). Just my lines up on Chrome and every other browser, but not Safari. I'm hoping tomorrow when I wake up it will all be gone away! So please do check out my website! 
Contact me if you need work done as well! I'm up for anything and everything! Hope all is well!

PS. As mentioned above..Google Chrome is the best!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

MM Doesn't Have To Mean Chocolates?

I always seem to become sick at the right times...such as crunch time in school. Today I had full intentions on going...but the thing is I just couldn't fathom sitting in class with a sore throat from 8:30AM to around 4:30PM. PLUS Halifax was super cold and windy today so being an avid metro transit user wouldn't have been fun today. Instead, I stayed home from school, did laundry and did a typography illustration kind of thing. I really like how it turned out. It's a Marilyn Monroe quote. I went through and picked it out of SO MANY. Google it...she has A LOT. I used a combination of Illustrator and Photoshop. I type the words and place them in Illustrator, then do the brush work etc. in Photoshop. Works for me! Let me know what you think (of the design and quote if you wish)! Hope everyone is staying sick free

Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Number 14.

  All through high school I played sports. Soccer and basketball to be exact. And since I started in grade four, my favorite number has been 14. I don't really have any real reason why, but I say it's because my sister's favorite number is 7, and I'm two years older then her. PLUS I'm a nerd and just like the way it looks. I also like even numbers in general. So there you have it! 

  My latest project is about my personal lucky number. It's a poster about my number 14. It's got fourteen different ways to pronounce and say "fourteen" in the background. It varies from French to German to Swedish. Google it, you learn a lot! I'm trying to make more 'shiny' projects. I'm going to get used to different techniques, such as lighting and reflections. Let me know what you think! Complement or constructive criticism , I want to know!