Sunday, January 23, 2011

Slllooowww Dowwwnnnn

    Lately I haven't been feeling the greatest...there's just so many things on my mind that I've been sporting a constant headache. School is most likely the number one cause. Building a portfolio and all 8:30 classes are killers. I don't mind mornings so much...but the bus ride isn't so fun. Oh well I guess I could slow down a little, go to bed earlier and start drinking Red Bull (just kidding)! 
    My sister is coming to visit for the week! I'm thinking that it will help with some stress, knowing I have someone to come home to talk to! We're going shopping tomorrow to spend our Christmas money that has been untouched. Maybe that will relieve some stress...I just only hope I don't get addicted to shopping as a stress reliever... I just got done watching Hoarders on A&E. YIKES.
    Hopefully a new project up soon! Hope all is well for the readers too! 


  1. Red Bull is fuel. Kerosene is fuel. Kerosene is Bed Bull.

  2. perfect logic Sean. except I've never heard of Bed Bull before. hahaha