Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Number 14.

  All through high school I played sports. Soccer and basketball to be exact. And since I started in grade four, my favorite number has been 14. I don't really have any real reason why, but I say it's because my sister's favorite number is 7, and I'm two years older then her. PLUS I'm a nerd and just like the way it looks. I also like even numbers in general. So there you have it! 

  My latest project is about my personal lucky number. It's a poster about my number 14. It's got fourteen different ways to pronounce and say "fourteen" in the background. It varies from French to German to Swedish. Google it, you learn a lot! I'm trying to make more 'shiny' projects. I'm going to get used to different techniques, such as lighting and reflections. Let me know what you think! Complement or constructive criticism , I want to know! 

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