Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Today was typography day in class! SO, I looked around for inspiration! I'm working on one now for my favorite dessert, but I did this one today!

I looked off a tutorial for the basics, then did my own thing! I think it turned out quite well, and truthfully, I am addicted and want to do more!

Watch for my dessert one, and keep and eye out for more designing goodness! 

Here's some of my friends typography of today: 
Andrea-My Work As Neerol

It's Broken.

I really do like coding, when it works. I love how everything fits together, and a bunch of gibberish makes such amazing things! I REALLY don't like how it breaks things.  My website is now broken, because I went to center something. I've tried everything, but I need help! So, I don't want to put up my link just yet for my website because of the simple fact, it's BROKEN.

RIP website.