Sunday, January 23, 2011

Slllooowww Dowwwnnnn

    Lately I haven't been feeling the greatest...there's just so many things on my mind that I've been sporting a constant headache. School is most likely the number one cause. Building a portfolio and all 8:30 classes are killers. I don't mind mornings so much...but the bus ride isn't so fun. Oh well I guess I could slow down a little, go to bed earlier and start drinking Red Bull (just kidding)! 
    My sister is coming to visit for the week! I'm thinking that it will help with some stress, knowing I have someone to come home to talk to! We're going shopping tomorrow to spend our Christmas money that has been untouched. Maybe that will relieve some stress...I just only hope I don't get addicted to shopping as a stress reliever... I just got done watching Hoarders on A&E. YIKES.
    Hopefully a new project up soon! Hope all is well for the readers too!