Monday, February 14, 2011

Let This Be a Lesson.

  So I learnt a valuable lesson the other day...but first the background on what went down.
  I finally got my mini cards in the mail! What's a mini card you ask? It's half the height of a business card and a bit smaller in width. I got them from MOO, which is an amazing company for business cards! The card stock is amazing! I was all tickled because I felt that much closer to becoming a graphic designer. I plan on ordering full size business cards eventually, but until my website is finished and I can afford a domain I decided to wait.
  When I finally decided to stop jumping around in excitement and look them over again...I realized my mistake. I forgot the 'dot' between kelsey and joudrey in my email address. I FORGOT THE ' . ' !!! I was so upset. I read over those before sending them 60 times at least! So, while I was freaking wonderful boyfriend took a fine tip permanent marker and dotted all 100 cards. I was still upset, but I learnt my lesson.
  Read over everything 61 times before sending them out. Get someone else to look at your work to make sure you didn't miss anything, because it may be a $20 mistake! After I calmed down, I realized that I could still use them, and that I will make a joke out of it when passing them out. 
 So let this be a lesson to you designers out there. 60 times may not always be enough...but 61 could be! 


 --The 'dot' is in now!