Wednesday, June 6, 2012

wow, I'm a terrible blogger.

My life is so different since my last post. Things are looking up! I'm going to make this simple and in point form because it's easier that way ;)

Since January 24th, 2012 here's my life:

#1- I quit the sign shop - it was a good decision...I was hired a year ago as a designer, and that was just super awesome! But as the summer progressed I didn't get to design as much and was the one putting signs together and all that fun stuff. It's only seasonal too so work ended in October and doesn't start up (still only being part time) until June. My boss was very understanding and encouraged me to move on. =)
#2- I GOT A NEW JOB! This is why I quit the sign shop ;)  I am officially the Sales & Marketing Coordinator at the Best Western Bridgewater Hotel! I'm in charge of the social media, designing, as well as booking meeting rooms and increasing sales. I get to get out of shift work and do Monday-Friday 8:00am-4:00pm! Any job I've ever had was shift work/part time. I'm so happy!!!
#3- I'm still engaged! =P  we have been making some wedding plans and hopefully August 2013 is the year!
#4- The logo I designed for the restaurant is up and displayed with a lovely landscaped sign! Check out my website to see the logo. It's called 27 South Restaurant & Lounge!
#5- I've lost 14 pounds! This is a huge deal for me as I love food! I use myfitnesspal to record what I eat daily. I don't need to diet, I can eat whatever I want! It just allows my to eat in moderation, as before I'd stuff my face then regret it later ;)
#6- I still drive the apple green booger mobile! I love my little car! It got my through the winter, and now I got my 16s on and I'm sporting the summer look with the sunroof open! =P It's a wonderful little car on gas, and I can take multiple trips into Halifax no problemo at all. I have to drive 40 minutes a day at least five days a week for work and I only need to get gas once. AWESOME.

so that's basically it..I haven't been able to sit down and design anything for myself in so long..I really miss it. I STILL have no Internet at my house, and I'm so frustrated. Hard to believe no Internet is actually an option in today's world.. I did however get to do some caricatures of my parents, so that's always a plus ;) Well, I guess that's it for now..hopefully I'll get to blog more then once every 6 months..

<3 ta ta for now.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Oopsie, forgot I had a blog.

OOPS. I forgot I had a blog. Well actually I didn't, I just STILL don't have internet at my house. I live in the sticks, big time. The sad thing is my parents live across the road and they have internet! SO, here I am bumming theirs...still. 

Here is my life since my last blog post:

#1- I quit the Superstore!
#2- I got a design job at a sign shop!
#3- I work at the Best Western Bridgewater Plus Hotel & Convention Centre as a Front Desk Agent. 
#4- I'M ENGAGED!!!!!
#5- I bought a 2011 Hyundai Accent in Apple Green. (AKA my favorite colour)
#6- We have a pet budgie. Her name is Wallis, AKA Wallie. Now we have a bird, a hamster, and a bunny!
#7- I won a 47" LG flat screen television. FTW
#8- I became addicted to Rage Comics
#9- I miss Halifax a lot, but I love the country.. dilemma! 
#10- I have an iPhone now. yeepp, and I love it!
#11- I designed a logo for the restaurant in the hotel I work at AND its being used!!

I know more has happened, but I can't think right now!! Either way, it's a blog entry and I get to be on the world wide web again! <3