Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Oopsie, forgot I had a blog.

OOPS. I forgot I had a blog. Well actually I didn't, I just STILL don't have internet at my house. I live in the sticks, big time. The sad thing is my parents live across the road and they have internet! SO, here I am bumming theirs...still. 

Here is my life since my last blog post:

#1- I quit the Superstore!
#2- I got a design job at a sign shop!
#3- I work at the Best Western Bridgewater Plus Hotel & Convention Centre as a Front Desk Agent. 
#4- I'M ENGAGED!!!!!
#5- I bought a 2011 Hyundai Accent in Apple Green. (AKA my favorite colour)
#6- We have a pet budgie. Her name is Wallis, AKA Wallie. Now we have a bird, a hamster, and a bunny!
#7- I won a 47" LG flat screen television. FTW
#8- I became addicted to Rage Comics
#9- I miss Halifax a lot, but I love the country.. dilemma! 
#10- I have an iPhone now. yeepp, and I love it!
#11- I designed a logo for the restaurant in the hotel I work at AND its being used!!

I know more has happened, but I can't think right now!! Either way, it's a blog entry and I get to be on the world wide web again! <3